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March 19, 2012


First post in quite some time, but how could I resist posting another Frank Ocean banger? This time the Odd Future crooner has dropped the track "Whip Appeal" which was previously rumoured to appear on the deluxe edition of his very dope "Nostalgia, Ultra" album. This track definitely needs to be played loud while you're cruising in your whip late at night. Ocean is killing it right now, he's got his fingers in countless pies for other artists yet he continues to put out bonafied R&B hit after hit. He's by far the pick of the Odd Future crew (well in my opinion Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt are the only two good things to come from Odd Future) and definitely one to keep an eye on. Give Whip Appeal a listen or 10 below and stay tuned to Ocean's Tumblr page for more leaks.

Via Hypebeast

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