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December 23, 2011


So this particular mixtape, "GetingMAD" by Tenda McFly ended up coming across my virtual desk in September after a referral by my man Spoz of Spoz's Rant fame. I gave it a few spins back then and was pleasantly surprised but I've only just gotten around to posting it up on the site. McFly describes himself as a:
21 year old rap artist and spoken word poet from Brisbane. My music borrows a lot from other genre's and can be best described as an amalgamation of indie pop culture and hip hop. My influences range from the xx, phoenix and miike snow to Theophillus London, Jamie-T and Kanye West.
According to McFly the The 13 track mixtape is inspired the 1976 film The Network and is "centered on the concept of accessing the emotion of madness and expressing a discontentment with the current state of affairs".

I'm always up for giving young, up and coming artists some props at The Benjamins so urge you all to check out the this tape. Sure it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but McFly has potential and plenty of room to grow and mature as an artist. Stream/download GettingMAD after the jump or head on over to Tenda McFly's Facebook page to find out more information on this up and coming rapper.

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