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April 14, 2011


While Ausssie hip-hop group TZU have been on haitus, MC Joelistics has been busy at work on his debut solo album "Voyager". The other day Joelistics dropped the first single off the album entitled "Days" which he describes as an "uplifting post-travel come down jam. A celebration of doing what you love, only truly realised once it’s questioned." Check out the single below with purchase details and album information after the jump.

JOELISTICS - Days by Elefant Traks

If you like what you hear head over to the Elefant Traks website to purchase the single. It's a "pay what you want" set-up with a $0.10c minimum (due to PayPal restrictions), so do the right thing support Joelistics and buy the single.

Voyager is set to released on May 6 through Elefant Traks so keep an eye out for it.

Via All Aussie Hip-Hop

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