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April 14, 2011


There's no question that over the course of Seinfeld's 9 year run, Jerry rocked some of the best sneakers around. Now Complex magazine's footwear guru, Gary Warnett has documented some of Jerry's best sneakers from the show and created the "Complete Guide to Seinfeld's Sneakers". See two of my favourite things in the world combined (Seinfeld and sneakers) and check out the first 10 from the guide after the jump.

#1 Nike Air Driving Force Low Royal Blue/White

Episode: #1 "The Seinfeld Chronicles"
Year (of Sneaker): 1989

In the first episode of the series, Jerry makes these shoes the focal point. This low-cut version of a superior shoe from Nike's Force division from the late 1980s was finished with iconic in-your-face tongue lettering. You never saw Cosby or Danza in this caliber of footwear.

#2 Nike Air Tech Challenge II White/Cement

Episode: #2 "The Stake Out" & #4 "Male Unbonding"
Year (of Sneaker): 1990

The show's star was synonymous with the most neutral of athletic footwear, so his decision to opt for a classic piece of Tinker Hatfield design—and a shoe endorsed by the flamboyant Andre Agassi—in its plainest form sets a standard of sorts. It's certainly not the most commonplace variation of this model. Coincidentally, all-white everything (almost) pretty much sums up the show's cast.

#3 Nike Air Delta Force ST Low Tech Grey/White

Episode: #3 "The Robbery" & #5 "The Stock Tip"
Year (of Sneaker): 1990

The original Delta Force is a pretty run-of-the-mill shoe, with an underdog status as the poor man's Air Force II. But the Delta Force ST was something a little more prestigious, especially in its higher form. It's worth noting at this point that despite a rep for big shoes and jeans, Jerry never really opts for anything too high during Seinfeld's duration and his decision to pick the more neutral colors and a low cut for this in-your-face classic should come as little surprise.

#4 Nike Strategy Low White/Royal Blue

Episode: #6 "The Ex Girlfriend", #7 "The Pony Remark", #8 "The Jacket" & #9 "The Phone Message"
Year (of Sneaker): 1990

An unremarkable, affordable shoe is the harbinger of Mr. Seinfeld's habit of wearing the same shoe for several episodes. There's nothing wrong with the Strategy, and its blue swoosh/white upper formula is echoed in some future Jerry favorites.

#5 Nike Air Trainer SC High White/Royal Blue

Episode: #10 "The Apartment", #1 "The Statue", & #13 "The Heart Attack"
Year (of Sneaker): 1991

Jerry knows. That's the power of good design. This is the first cross trainer we see Jerry wear, but it isn't the last, as he continued to run through more obscure offerings from this division of Nike. Instead of opting for the famous Total Orange version, Jerry keeps it low key again—well, as low key as this shoe can be with his over-the-waist, smedium denim.

#6 Nike Air Challenge Pro Low White/Fluorescent Pink

Episode: #12 "The Revenge"
Year (of Sneaker): 1991

Just when you think Jerry's getting too conservative, he breaks out these less obvious Agassi-affiliated make-ups. You don't see these too often because they were sidelined in favor of their visible aired siblings, but the use of that triangle panel and that colorway—echoed in a few classic 1991 runners—indicated that Jerry had a better eye for future classics than we did.

#7 Nike Air Tech Challenge 3/4 Black/White/Hot Lime

Episode: #12 "The Revenge"
Year (of Sneaker): 1991

The Air Tech Challenge 3/4 appears for a solitary scene in this episode when Jerry distracts the laundromat attendant while Kramer performs one of his first significant acts of physical comedy—filling a machine with cement. This bestseller, rocked by Andre Agassi with matching tennis shirts and acid wash effect shorts was a classic that even a weak 2007 retro couldn't sully.

#8 Nike Air Tech Challenge Low White/Black/Ultramarine

Episode: #13 "The Deal"
Year (of Sneaker): 1991

It wasn't the adult movie they caught on TV that made Elaine want to knock boots with Jerry again, it was these sneakers. Lower cut than the 3/4 variation but still carrying that Agassi flair with the Ultramarine colors, these afforded the wearer with extra prowess. A morning-after Elaine surprises Kramer in what looks like Jerry-size Ultra Force Lows with the tongue branding removed.

#9 Nike Air Trainer SC Low White/Grey/Ultramarine

Episode: #13 "The Deal"
Year (of Sneaker): 1991

This is another more technical Air Trainer pick that gets a small amount of screen time. This model is top five material in high or low variations, and this colorway compliments Jerry's SC High choice. As you'll see, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the leading man's preoccupation with cross training footwear.

#10 Nike Lava Flow Royal Blue/Charcoal/Concord

Episode: #13 "The Deal" & #19 "The Truth"
Year (of Sneaker): 1991

This ACG model's classic color palette stomps Seinfeld's white-shoes only wardrobe right out. 'The Deal' showcases Seinfeld in no less than three different sneaker styles, but this excellent relative of the mighty son of the Lava Dome and the Baltoro is one of the best simple hikers from Nike.

Check out the rest of the 50 entries in the guide over at the Complex Magazine website.

All images and explanation text contained in this entry are courtesy of Complex Magazine

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