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October 15, 2011


NZ rapper David Dallas has unleashed the new track "Feel Like Oasis" which will appear on the deluxe edition re-release of his very dope "The Rose Tint" album. The new track is produced by Fire and Ice and also features cameos from Tayyib Ali and The Kid Daytona, plus it references Oasis and has a Liam Gallagher sample which will make anything a winner in my books. The deluxe version of The Rose Tint will feature 4 new tracks (including Feel Like Oasis) along with a bonus disc, chock full of instrumentals. Even though I'm an Aussie and D.Dallas is a Kiwi and there's is a long standing rivalry between the two countries I can honestly say that he's a true talent and one of most talented artist's around, and both Something Awesome and The Rose Tint were quality albums. So there you go, that's the one and only time I'm going to talk up a New Zealander, and if you see the man tell him to do the right thing and come and do a show in Adelaide, sometime soon. Stream/download of Feel Like Oasis after the jump and make sure you show your support and purchase a copy The Rose Tint (Deluxe Edition) when it drops on November 8 in the US and November 14 in NZ and Australia.

David Dallas - Feel Like Oasis ft. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona by David Dallas

Via Soundcloud

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