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August 12, 2011


Let me start off by saying this song and it's video is absolutely hilarious! Allen Samuels has been in the casino business for over 30 years and has now decided to try his hand at a rap career because he lives the life. This song is pure gold and the video shows exactly how Samuels is "livin the life" which includes jet-setting (although he's sans iPad so JD's one up on him) rapping in front two Mercedes', starting dance lines with kids on the street, rocking live shoes, ballin', wearing your sweater tucked in and macking your lawyer on your own desk, plus his dance moves are second to none. There's even a cameo from NBA championship player and Dallas Mavericks veteran Jason Terry. If you look up the definition of "swagger" in the dictionary you are sure to find a picture of Allen Samuels. In all seriousness this is a bit of harmless fun and will provide a great Friday afternoon chuckle. Check out A. Samuel's - Livin De Life in all it's glory after the jump, this is a must see!

Via Lifelounge

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