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August 25, 2011


As we edge closer to summer the festival season is once again upon us with New Years festival "Pyramid Rock" releaseing their lineup for 2011/12. After being fairly disapponted with the Falls Festival lineup for this year the Pyramid lineup is a breath of fresh air, although I did expect them to have a few more tricks up their sleeve. American glam-rock group Scissor Sisters have been announced as headliners for the festival which doesn't really entice me at all as I'm as far removed as you can get from being a Scissor Sisters fan. However never fear there are other cool artists to whet your apetite including Lyrics Born, Spank Rock, Drapht, The Panics, The Herd, Gotye, The Bamboos and the one and only Grandmaster Flash. There is definitely a strong Aussie contingent and I'm looking forward to seeing Lyrics Born and Spank Rock but I hope they have a few more quality international acts in store when they announce a second lineup sometime in October. That's not to say that I'm totally disappointed as I would say the lineup is still better than this years Fall's contingent. After being a longtime Falls Festival attendee I atteded Pyramid Rock last year for the first time and I can tell you after the disaster of the 2009/10 festival it's actually pretty good... pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. It's an awesome location, I had a great time and I was also introduced to the man, the myth known as "Patto". The Pyramid Rock festival will take place on Philip Island from Thursday December 29 until Sunday January 1. Check out the full lineup along with ticketing information after the jump or head over to the Pyramid Rock Festival website for further details.


    Scissor Sisters
    The Living End
    Grandmaster Flash
    Boy & Bear
    Cloud Control
    Spank Rock
    The Panics
    Lyrics Born
    The Herd
    Dum Dum Girls
    Salmonella Dub
    Bertie Blackman
    Jonathan Boulet
    Ash Grunwald
    Hanni El Khatib
    The Bamboos
    Calling All Cars
    Grace Woodroofe
    Graveyeard Train
    Tim & Jean
    The Aston Shuffle
    Jim Ward
    Owl Eyes
    Split Seconds
    French Horn
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Pyramid Rock sells two kinds of tickets - 3 day passes with camping included which allow patrons to arrive a day early and get settled in before th madness kicks off on the 30th. Or you can stick with the standard 2 day ticket which also includes free campin.

Tickets will go on sale Wednesday 14 September at 9:00am AEST on the Pyramid Rock Festival website, so mark that one in your diaries.

Via Pyramid Rock

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