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August 12, 2011


Jay-Z and Kanye West have unleashed the visuals for the first official single "Otis", taken from their recently released collaborative album Watch the Throne. The Spike Jonze directed video is a relatively low budget affair considering the subject matter of the song but the two stars do take to an obscenely expensive Maybach car with an electric saw, blow torch and angle grinder to transform it into a "Thunderdome" cruiser and proceed to do doughnuts in an abandoned lot. Did I mention there's a bunch of models in the back of the car? It's a Jay-Z and Kanye West video, of course the cars full of models. Also keep an eye out for the Aziz Ansari cameo, it's only a small one but quite hilarious. Check out the Otis video after the jump.

Via HipHopDX

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