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August 20, 2011


Before I even start with this post let me preface it by saying that "Daily Bread" is most definitely one of the most solid and surprising hip-hop albums I've heard all year. Daily Bread was made by a duo consisting of MC "Hassaan Mackey" and producer "Apollo Brown". I've been aware of Apollo Brown ever since I first listened to his "Clouds" instrumental album earlier in the year. I was blown away by that album and it was one of the best instrumental albums I'd heard in a long while. I started listening to Daily Bread the same week that Mr. Carter and Mr. West's highly anticipated collaborative album "Watch the Throne" was released. After being a bit disappointed with Watch the Throne I couldn't have been more pleased after my first listen of Daily Bread. The two albums are poles apart, where Jay-Z and Kanye are all too willing to wax lyrical about fame, money and Hublot watches, Mackey harks back to the rap of the early 90's with his everyman rhymes, and content which is actually relateable. I must admit I hadn't heard of Hassan Mackey before this album but he is definitely one to keep an eye on. However it's not all about the rhymes with Daily Bread. Apollo Brown's beats are a real shining light here with their classic boom-bap sound and I would say without reservation that he is one of the most talented beatsmiths going around today. Some may argue that the beats get somewhat repetitive but I would argue that they help make the album flow seamlessly. I'm not saying that this is the greatest hip-hop album you're going to hear this year, but it's a super solid, well put together effort that is definitely worthy of your time. Stream the entire Daily Bread album after the jump along with album artwork and purchase links.

                           BUY: Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Daily Bread

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