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August 25, 2011


With summer creeping up on those of us in the southern hemisphere, the need to protect your eyeballs from the harsh rays of the sun becomes a more pressing issue. We can't all be like Paul Shaffer and wear any old crazy sunglasses 24 hours a day or people will begin to think we have no eyes. So what better way to protect your peepers than with a pair of awesome handmade Shwood sunglasses? Shwood has been around for awhile but I only just came across them the other week and thought I would share the love with you all. As the name suggests all Shwood sunglass frames are made from wood, yes you heard right good old trusty wood. The company based in Portland, Oregon produces all its sunglasses in-house using highly skilled craftsmen. The company aims to keep wood manipulation to an absolute minimum, showcasing the "natural and unique splendour" of the wood. Shwood doeesn't skimp on the lenses either with each frame being paired with 100% UVA/UVB protection Carl Zeiss lenses, imported from Italy. The Canby is the brands flagship model, which is based on the classic wayfarer silhouette and comes in a choice of cherry, zebrawood and east Indian rose wood. For the amount of time and effort that is put into producing these sunglasses they are also very reasonably priced with the Canby setting you back a modest USD $98. To check out the full range of or to purchase a pair of these awesome sunnies head on over to the Shwood website. Full image gallery of the Shwood Canby after the jump

Via Huh Magazine & Dijitalfix

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