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July 13, 2011


One of my favourite rappers and producers "Black Milk" has teamed up with Jack White to record a couple of new tracks. The two songs are the first rap releases from White's Third Man Records imprint. White co-produced both tracks while also lending guitar to "Brain" and drums to "Royal Mega". Both tracks have got a retro style to them with classic organ and horn riffs and White's signature guitar stylings are all over Brain. On the lyrical side Black does what he does best and it's certainly clear that he's come a long way from his earlier releases. If you haven't heard Black Milk's Album of the Year or his most recent work as Random Axe along with Guilty Simpson and Sean Price make sure you check out and those releases and recognise the talent. Have a listen to Brain and Royal Mega below or head straight over to iTunes to purchase the single for yourself.

Black Milk - Brain by weallwantsome1

Black Milk - Royal Mega by weallwantsome1

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