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June 11, 2011


Yes, welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursday Saturday. Yeah I know it's actually Satruday but this weeks Throwback was actually a hard one to compile, not just becuase I've been very busy but because there's not a whole lot of information or media readily available for the group I chose. However this doesn't mean I'm going to leave you empty handed, I've dug deep into the archives and the crates to bring you this week's installment (#8, who would have thought the Throwback's would still be going strong?) So this week's selection is another perfect example of a Throwback song, a truly great soul gem from the 70's that I'm betting not many people have ever heard. The track that I am speaking of is "When Will The Day Come" by soul group Rasa. Now Rasa wasn't just any old soul group (of which there were plenty in the 70's and 80's) they were actually a group brought together through the common belief of Hare Krishna. So this song and all the others that appear on Rasa's album are odes to Hare Krishna. Now I know you're all probably thinking this is going to be a rubbish song, but don't let this put you off as When Will The Day Come is a straight up soul classic! The stripped back instrumental with its subtle strings and bongo's combhined with the pitch perfect falsetto of the lead singer, the background harmonies and the truly upbeat message make this song such a rarity. It has a real groove to it and the mellow soul sound perfectly illustrates the classic style of music that was being produced during the 70's. It's truly a shame that more people haven't heard this track but that's what Throwback Thursday is all about, bringing lost musical gems like this track to the attention of masses. Anyway check out When Will The Day Come below with stream/download of the track, and the regular bonus content after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Rasa - Everything You See Is Me

When Will The Day Come appeared on Rasa's one and only studio album, "Everything You See Is Me". If you like the sound of this track you're sure to love the rest of the album, and it's definitely one of my favourites from this era. In my opinion the strongest tracks on the album are "Questions In My Mind", "A Perfect Love", "Everything You See Is Me" and "Within The Sound". I highly reccommend picking up a copy of Everything You See Is Me if you can get your hands on one. Click the image or link below to go through to the Audiophile site to try and score yourself a copy of the Everything You See Is Me LP.

BUY: Rasa - Everything You See Is Me (Sealed LP)

Again I'm always one to support artists where I can, however as Rasa'a Everything You See Is Me album only came out on vinyl (which is long out of print) I thought I'd provide a free Mediafire download link. So if you can't track down and a secondhand version of the LP, click the link below to download a digital version and enjoy the sweet sounds of Rasa.

DOWNLOAD: Rasa - Everything You See Is Me (1978)

Now as per usual I always try and give you loyal readers of Throwback Thursday a few extra treats and this week is no exception. At the beginning of this weeks edition I said there wasn't too much extra Rasa media that I could share with you, I mean heck it's hard enough to find out information on the band let alone buy their LP. However back in 1992 a young rapper by the name of Lonnie Lynn Jr. AKA Common dropped his debut album "Can I Borrow A Dollar", and on the track "Take It EZ" he sampled Rasa's When Will The Day Come. Common is one of my favourite rappers of all time, he's been so consistent throughout his whole career and Take It EZ is definitely one my favourite tracks off of Can I Borrow A Dollar. So I've thrown the video for Take It EZ below for your viewing pleasure and I reccommend you check out Can I Borrow A Dollar if you've never heard the album before.

DOWNLOAD: Common - Take It EZ (1992)

Again that brings us to the end of another installment of Throwback Thursday, but as usual it will return next week. Just so you're not tossing and turning in your sleep, wondering what musical gem I'll choose next I'll give you a little clue as to what it will be. For a change next week's selection is a actually a reasonably well known song so I don't want to give too much away or I'll spoil the surprise. However I can tell you that this duo are considered pop royalty and had some of the biggest pop hits in the world throughout the 70's and 80's. The particular song I have chosen appeared on the album of the same name and was released in 1981. I'll also throw in the cryptic clues of "Concert Venue" and "Porridge". Now that should definitely be enough to work out who this duo is and if you do a bit of research you'll work out the song as well. Same procedurte as every week, if you think you know the artist or the song post your answer in the comments section below. Otherwise I'll see you next week for another on-time edition of Throwback Thursday.

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