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June 17, 2011


In my opinion Breaking Bad is probably the best show currently on TV! Yes I know it's a bold statment but if you've watched this show you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The girtty shooting style, the meticulous plot construction and the performances by the entire cast are fantastic, particularly Bryan Cranston (yes, the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle). The last episode of season 3 left all of us avid watchers with a million questions unanswered, so who knows what the shows producers have in store for us this season. If you haven't watched the show before I urge you to get cracking straight away as there's still time to catch up on one of the best shows around. Season 4 premieres on July 17 on AMC in the states (July 18 in Australia) so mark that one in your calender as June/July is shaping up as a great couple of months for television. To whet your appetitie until the new season premieres you can check out the season 4 trailer after the jump.


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