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June 11, 2011


Illustrator Matt Stevens is putting together this really awesome book project called "MAX 100" featuring the iconic Nike Air Max 90 sneaker. The idea for the book started after Stevens decied to create a sketch of what he believed was the perfect pair of Nike Air Max sneakers. Not satisfied with the one interpretation of the sneaker the idea snowballed until Stevens had sketched over 60 versions of the Air Max. Now Stevens is hoping to turn his sketches into an art book which will feature 100 of his custom Air Max sketches. In order to produce and print the book Stevens need some funding and has teamed up with Kickstarter (a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists and inventors) to raise the required funds. People can buy pledges at different levels and in return will receive MAX100 products determined by their pledge amont which range from copies of the book and canvas prints right up to a live speaking engagement from Matt himself. So if you want to help this project see the light of day head over to the website where you can make a pledge of your own. Check out the project promo video and full image gallery after the jump.

Via Hypebeast

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