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May 12, 2011


Right off the bat I'll say, this is a stupidly cool concept for a website! The site I speak of is called The Burning House and the basic concept behind the site is to pose the question to various people "If your house was burning, what would you bring with you?" The participants take photos of their chosen objects, list each item in the collection and give a brief explanation of why they would bring this particular item with them. The objects are really well shot and it gives a real insight into the mindset of the owners, what they hold dear and their history. The website has only recently been launched so at the moment it features mainly friends of the creator, but if you want to get involved you can submit your own collection of burning house objects. This is definitely one site to keep an eye on as the collections grows. Check out some of the burning house images after the jump or head over to the website to check out more with full explanations.

Via Acclaim Mag

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