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May 21, 2011


OK I'm finally back with another installment of everyone's favourite weekly segment, Throwback Thursday (that's #5 if you're still keeping score at home). Now I know that it's actually a Saturday, but I'm a very busy man and as they say, better late than never (especially considering today is supposed to be "the rapture"). Plus due to my tardiness I'm also going to include a few extra treats in this weeks Throwback, so read on to find out what they are. Anyway this week I'm going to hit with you all with another absolute bona-fide, hands down funk/soul classic. The classic that I speak of is none other than Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up". This is a song that I think many people have heard and have loved but probably don't actually know who the track is by or the history of it. This track is just a real feel-good funk track that was written and produced by Curtis (just quietly he was a really talented cat). Move On Up is really the perfect combination of everything I love in a track, the strings, bongo drums, Curtis' wailing falsetto and don't even get me started on the horns. You literally can't help but dance when this song comes on plus it's got a real positive message which is always a help. It's strange to think that such a good song was never released as a single and didn't even chart in the US (although it did spend 10 weeks in the UK top 50). Anyway enough of my waffling on, check out the Move On Up video below with the stream/download of the track and a whole host of other goodies after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

Move On Up appeared on Curtis' debut solo album Curtis (he was previously in a little group you may have heard of called The Impressions). I highly recommend you check this album out as it's an absolute classic. Bruce Eder of even went so far as to call it "...practically the "Sgt. Pepper's" album of '70s soul.. In fact grab any any album in the Curtis Mayfield catalo you can get your hands on as they are all awesome! Click the album cover or link below to go through to iTunes and grab buy Curtis.

BUY: Curtis Mayfield - Curtis

Now if you're thinking that Move On Up sounds really familiar but you can't explain why. Well it may be for one of two reasons

1) You've been to the club/bar Supermild in Adelaide and as you know there's 3 things you can count on in life - death, taxes and the fact that the DJ's at Supermild will play Move On Up at least once across the course of the night.
2) Uber producer Just Blaze used a slowed down, woozy sample of the song to produce the Kanye West smash hit, "Touch The Sky".
So there you go, you can rest easy at night now. Check out the video for Touch the Sky below in which you can also see a very young Lupe Fiasco making his first big appearance. Seriously you might want to check out the video because as Yeezy will tell it features Pamela Anderson, it cost him $1,000,000, he jumped across canyons and should have won the 2006 MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video. I've also thrown together a little mix which tacks (hopefully reasonably seamlessly) "Move On Up" to the beginning of Kanye's "Touch The Sky" which you can stream/download below.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West x Curtis Mayfield - Touch The Sky/Move On Up (BennyBennyBenny Mix)

Again as I was a little late with this week's Throwback I have another treat for all you guys and girls still reading. If you want to check out a really cool live performance of Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield then check out the video below -

Sadly that brings us to the end of another edition of Throwback Thursday. Stay tuned for next weeks "ON TIME" edition because we'll be moving away from the old soul tracks and featuring a song from a legendary hip-hop artist. As a clue, I'll tell you that this song was released in 1994, produced by DJ Premier and appeared on this rappers first album (an album which many critics and fans still believe is one of the best hip-hop albums ever to be released). Good luck working that one out. If you think you know what the song or even the artist/album is, post it in the comments section below. Otherwise I'll see you next Thursday when I will reveal all.

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