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May 4, 2011


Ta-ku may not be a name that is instantly familiar to a lot of you out there reading my blog. However the Perth based beatmaker has been making moves in the Australian hip-hop scene lately, producing tracks for the likes of Illy and Pegz. Now Ta-ku has released the "Day & Night (EP)" to commemorate the release of the "Day & Night 577" which is a collaboration sneaker between New Balance and Highs & Lows. As the name suggests the EP consists of 7 day and 7 night tracks with each of the beat reflecting the feel of either the AM or the PM. Don't be fooled into thinking that you won't like this album because of the fact that it's an instrumental album and you don't normally listen to this type of music. The "Day & Night EP" is seriously dope, no matter what kind of music you listen to. (That's not to say that I wouldn't like to see what an MC could do with these awesome instrumentals as a base) Check out the stream/download of one of my favourite tracks off of the EP "Ladies Night" below with track-list, artwork, download links and promotional film after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Ta-ku - :::Ladies Night


    01. DAY (Ninasimonalude)
    02. :::Wake Up
    03. :::Breakfast
    04. :::Great Start
    05. :::Daydream
    06. :::Kill Time
    07. :::Nine To Five
    08. NIGHT (Albsurealude)
    09. :::Fanfare
    10. :::House Party
    11. :::Get Together
    12. :::Wild Out
    13. :::Ladies Night
    14. :::Lurk

DOWNLOAD: Ta-ku - Day & Night (EP)

Or if you want to support the artist and help him continue to do what he does best, buy the EP for $5.00USD over at the Day & Night Bandcamp page. Pocket change for quality, local music.

BUY: Ta-ku - Day & Night EP

As previously mentioned you can check out the video for the "HAL x New Balance CM577 Day/Night" collaboration below which was shot on location in Perth, Western Australia.

If you want to check out more of Ta-ku's music head over to his Bandcamp page or pick up Illy and Pegz's latest albums.

Now you may be thinking this is a cool post and this is some awesome music and thanks to alerting us to this Benny, but I really want to see these HAL x New Balance sneakers that this project was made for. Well I'm never one to leave my readers empty handed so stay tuned for upcoming my HAL x New Balance "Day & Night 577" sneakers post which I'm just putting the finishing touches on.

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