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May 14, 2011


Yes the long awaited and highly anticipated first Ducks Selection is finally here! So the duck brought my attention to this street artist by the name of "JR" who does some really cool stuff. I'm not sure how I haven't heard of him before but many consider him to be one of the most prominent street artists around. At the beginning of this year he released his film "Women Are Heroes" which examines some of harshest conditions overseas to learn about the power of women. This is some really powerful stuff and is definitely worth a look. So check out the Kibera, Kenya video after the jump (if you're lazy and don't want to watch the intro stuff go to the 0:40 mark) as well as the full "Women Are Heroes" trailer and a few examples of JR's other work. If you want to know more about the film head over to the Women Are Heroes website for more information. Alternatively if you just want to check out some more of JR's other work for yourself you can see more at his website or stay tuned to the blog because I'll be covering some more of JR's work as part of the Ducks Selections in the coming weeks.

Via The Duck and Redbull USA

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