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May 11, 2011


Just a reminder to everyone that Chris Lilley's highly anticipated new series Angry Boys premiere's tonight at 9:00pm CST on ABC1 (Check your local guides for times in your area). Don't fret if you're not around tonight to watch it as you can catch the repeat on Tuesday 17 May at 10:30pm on ABC2, watch episodes at your leisure on ABC iView or download it from the regular bit-Torrent sources (not that I would condone that kind of behaviour). I'm sure I don't need to tell everyone about this show or how hilarious it's going to be as I'm sure by now you would have read and seen plenty of stuff on it.
On a side note just out of interest, does anyone still remember when Chris Lilley first worked on that show on channel 7, "The Big Bite" and did those Extreme Darren skits? That was a truly terrible show and that character was really quite annoying. Even though he did do some Mr. G stuff on the show he's certainly come a long way and I suppose it's been good to actually see him do some funny stuff. Anyway just in case you haven't seen the Angry Boys trailer you can view it after the jump along with an Extreme Darren clip from his Big Bite days and other than that just be ready to have your sides split from laughter tonight.

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