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May 11, 2011


So when viewing this post your first question might be "What exactly is this whole "Duck Selections thing?" Well, I'd like to think my good friend, "The Duck" AKA "Duval McDuck" AKA "Jonny Duval" is a man of good taste, and you also might have noticed that the site has been somewhat lacking in architectural content since I started it. Well to rectify this The Duck is going to start contributing some of the gems he finds to the site in what I have dubbed the "Ducks Selections".
You'll be able to identify The Ducks Selections in a couple of ways - Obviously all of Jonny's contributions will be tagged and labelled as "Ducks Selections" and secondly all post images will have a rubber duck image placed on them to give you a visual cue. So the selections will be hand picked by The Duck but all content and layout will still be created by yours truly (thanks for leaving that all up to me Duck). There's plenty of good stuff to come in the following weeks so stay tuned to the site to get your first taste of The Duck. In celebration of the Ducks Selections I have included a few awesome duck related videos which you can view after the jump. So prepare yourself because the duck is going to swoop in and drop some knowledge bombs on you!

The "Ducks Selections" coming soon.....

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