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April 29, 2011


Yes I'm back with the second installment of Throwback Thursday! Yeah I know it's a day late but the extra-long long weekend threw my week out completely, but rest assured there will be plenty of updates over the course of today and across the 'regular' weekend. Anyway next up for "Throwback Thursday" we have another classic hip-hop track from 1988 - "Microphone Fiend" from one of the greatest MC/DJ duo's of all time, "Eric B. & Rakim". Microphone Fiend is another slept on gem and even though I could have picked any number of classic tracks from the duo's debut album "Paid In Full" I decided to go with Microphone Fiend because in my opinion it's one of their best. The song is one of Rakim's signature tracks and the way he parallels his addiction to the microphone and rhyming to a fiend who is addicted to drugs is so poignant, and lets not forget the classic soul-sample driven musical backdrop that Eric B. provides. This was the true golden era music and Eric B. & Rakim in particular will always be a special group for me as they were one of the first groups I started listening to when I broke out of my gangsta rap phaze in my early teens. Check out Microphone Fiend below with stream/download and another special little surprise after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone Fiend

Microphone Fiend appeared on Eric B & Rakim's second studio album "Follow the Leader". If you haven't listened to this album, please do yourself a favour and go and buy/download/borrow this album and their debut "Paid in Full", your ears will thank you for it

BUY: Eric B. & Rakim - Follow the Leader

Now if you've been playing along at home you may remember I mentioned a little surprise at the beginning of this Throwback Thursday post. Well it you've been reading this and wondering exactly what sample Eric B. used to create the Microphone Fiend beat, well worry no more - Average White Band's "School Boy Crush" was the song that formed the basis of Microphone Fiend and even better, you can listen to the track below and compare the two. Until next Thursday where I have the first non hip-hop track of Throwback Thursday that 'The Duck" will love.

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