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March 25, 2011


NZ (New Zealand) rapper David Dallas is set to drop his free EP "The Rose Tint" very soon and has released the video for the first leak off of the EP, "Til Tomorrow". The song has Dallas spitting over Ratatat's "Loud Pipes" and the video, a combination of retro-style live action and animation suits the lyrical content perfectly. Plus it also incorporates a David Brent sound bite from the UK Office (that alone makes it a winner in my books, plus I love "Loud Pipes"). Don't be put off by the fact that he's a kiwi and the whole accent or think he's going to be anything like Scribe. Dallas has definitely got skills and is hands down the best rapper to come out of NZ. Dallas has also recently been making moves in the US, signing a management and distribution deal with Duck Down records.

Check out the "Til Tomorrow" video and learn a little bit more about David Dallas after the jump.


So let me break it down and give you a little history lesson on the artist now known as David Dallas.
To some of the you the face or the name David Dallas may be familiar, others not so much. This may be in part to the fact that Dallas used to go under the moniker of "Con Psy", one half of the NZ Hip-Hop group Frontline. While in Frontline he was also a featured guest on a little Scribe song "Not Many (Remix)" which you may remember from the a few years back. If that doesn't ring a bell, have a look at the video for "Not Many" below -

However Dallas said he never really felt comfortable working under the name Con Psy and was still finding his place as an artist. So he decided to drop the name Con Psy and go back to his given name, David Dallas. After making the change Dallas went to work on what would become his commercially successful and critically acclaimed debut solo album "Something Awesome". If you haven't checked out this LP do yourself a favour and buy it now, because it's an amazing piece of work.

BUY: David Dallas - Something Awesome on iTunes.

It was around this stage that Dallas' momentum began to build and hit a peak when the one and only Kanye West posted the video to his single "Big Time" on his personal blog.

Needless to say the video got a lot of views and significantly raised his profile in the US. From there Dallas was able to negotiate a deal with the highly respected Hip-Hop label Duck Down records to manage, distribute and promote his music in the US.
The deal has already paid dividends with "The Rose Tint" getting good coverage from the major US Hip-Hop websites, culminating in Dallas linking up with renowned artists like Buff1 & Freddie Gibbs.

Check out a video of Dallas speaking about how the Duck Down deal came about and making the big move to the US below -

You can also get yourself a little taste of the track that he did with Buff1 called "Eyes on Success" below -

So remember the name David Dallas, because he's definitely one to keep an eye on in the future. Head over to his website to keep up to date with all his movements and to grab "The Rose Tint" when it drops in the near future.

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