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March 27, 2011


I spotted these particular shoes called "The Howard" made by the Canadian company Native and thought they were a very interesting proposition. Some may view the Howard as a total and utter abomination, they're like a cross between Crocs (you know those hideous foam clogs that were everywhere a couple of years and ago) and boat shoes. Yes, you heard me right boat shoes! Now I'm not saying that I like the Howard in any way, shape or form as I hate Crocs and I hate boat shoes when they are worn by pretentious douchebags who are obviously not boating and have probably never even contemplated the thought of ruining their beautiful, soft hands by hoisting a main sail. However Native uses environmentally conscious techniques in the manufacture of their shoes and in a footwear market saturated with the same styles and the same colourways it's good to see a shoe company stepping outside the box and doing something different, even if it's not everyone's cup of tea. Check out the cool promotional video for the Howard and a showcase of the Spring/Summer 2011 Native range after the jump.

So what exactly is the story with Native and how are they saving the environment?
Well according to Native, their shoes are made from foam injection moulded EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) which makes them durable, washable, odour resistant (a key selling point as any good boatie never wear socks with their shoes) and so light you can take them anywhere. Apparently the shoes are produced using a "low energy emissions manufacturing process, with a strict zero waste rule and are animal bi-product free". In other words they are better because the manufacture of the shoes affects the environment way less than your favourite pair of Jordan's.

Ok so maybe they're not single handedly saving the planet with their shoes but every little bit helps. So if they tickle your fancy go and pick yourself up some Native shoes and be the most unique person in your town or at the very least the coolest boatie on the high seas!

If you're interested have a look at the rest of the Spring/Summer 2011 range from Native below -

Via Hypebeast and Native.

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