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March 23, 2011


The legendary hip-hop group Atmosphere are back with a vengeance, dropping the second single from their upcoming album entitled "She's Enough". This track continues the family theme behind the album and is an instant head nodder/toe tapper with a hard hitting, boom-bap beat and Slug waxing lyrical about the virtues of the lady in his life. Plus we all know how Slug rolls - "She's my lady case closed, she want a baby so I gave her one of those". Stream/download of the the track and full album release information after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Atmosphere - She's Enough

This track definitely has me hyped for the release of the album, which is near the top of my most anticipated albums for 2011. Atmosphere are one of the most consistent groups in Hip-Hop and it's good to see them getting a little more shine for their quality output in recent times.

Atmosphere's 7th studio album "The Family Sign" is set to drop on April 12th. You can get your pre-order on at iTunes.


   01. My Key
   02. The Last to Say
   03. Became
   04. Just For Show
   05. She’s Enough
   06. Bad Bad Daddy
   07. Millenium Dodo
   08. Who I’ll Never Be
   09. I Don’t Need Brighter Days
   10. Ain’t Nobody
   11. Your Name Here
   12. If You Can Save Me Now
   13. Something So
   14. My Notes

On a side note, to promote the album Atmosphere has released a series of videos where all of the group sit down for a "family" therapy session with Dr. Ralph Borka.

Check out the rest of the therapy sessions below -
Atmosphere Therapy Session - Part 2
Atmosphere Therapy Session - Part 3
Atmosphere Therapy Session - Part 3

Tracklisting and release information courtesy of Rhymesayers Entertainment. All music the property of Atmosphere & Rhymesayers.

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